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Levi Wade

Everything You Need to Know About Public Liability Insurance

Do you run a business that involves interacting with the public? This includes your customers, suppliers, contractors and any other third parties that come into contact with your business as well as its activities. If you do, then you need to safeguard the business against any liability claims resulting from your interaction with these parties. And this is where publi

4 Interesting Ways To Lower Your Income Taxes

Any person who is earning an income is required to pay income tax. Additionally, a tax is also paid when you purchase items, in the form of Value Added Tax (VAT). Although it is impossible to control the amount of VAT you pay, various steps can help you reduce your annual tax bill and increase your tax return. Below are four interesting ways to lower your income taxes

5 Tips for Investing When You're Under 25

If you can start investing as early as possible, you will typically have a larger nest egg at retirement than you would if you waited. Wondering where to start and what to do? Here are some tips for investing under the age of 25. 1. Take Risks The older you are, the more conservative you have to be with your investments. In contrast, when you are younger, you can tole

Moving House? You Should Think About Your Insurance Needs

Moving from one home to another can be complicated enough without thinking about the necessary insurance that should be confirmed. In some instances, it's just a question of querying the matter with any prospective moving companies. If they don't hold the necessary insurance, then this might rule them out. In other cases, you might need to obtain additional insurance